Before you Go…

We’re preparing for our next trip coming up next month.  We’re excited to visit three new countries this time… Japan, Singapore and Thailand.  We also get to return to Australia which I couldn’t be more excited to see my Aussie family.  We’ll be gone for 3.5 weeks this time which means there are items to tend to before we hit the air!  Here is my Check List:

  • Get or Renew your Passport
  • Get a Visa(s) for your destination if necessary
  • Purchase Flights to/from and within your destination
  • Book transportation within your trip
  • Book Accommodations within your trip (make sure the hotels know how many will be staying in the room as some rooms are a three person maximum)
  • Plan for a Pet Sitter or Board your pets
  • Share your trip plans with neighbors who can watch your house while you’re away and give someone a spare key.
  • Hold your mail if your travel is <30 days; if not, have a neighbor pick it up or forward it to someone
  • Get any necessary Vaccinations
  • Refill any Prescriptions you’ll need
  • Change your cell phone plan to International for your trip
  • Make utility or other bills automatic pay
  • Contact your Credit Card companies, Bank, Health Insurance to make them aware of your travels
  • Take a picture of your wallet’s contents (front and back) including your passport
Next, it’s time to pack!  Check out my packing list and Cory’s if you missed it.
Alye and Hazel, our furry family members

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