How it all began… 

Go With Daddy started back in May of 2013…before we even realized it was happening!  Our first trip was to Delafield, WI only an hour and half away from where we lived in Chicago at the time.  Our daughter was nine months old and we went along as it was my first Mother’s Day.  We stayed at The Delafield Hotel one of the most quaint, old hotels.  Delafield is located in the Lake Country (as they call it) of Wisconsin and has such small town charm!  Unlike the south (where we now live), it was quite chilly in May but we enjoyed walking along ‘the beach’ here and window shopping around this picturesque downtown.

A few months later (in November), we flew with Cory to Seattle, WA so we could play while he worked!  Of course, our trip started out with a true rookie mistake.  We forgot a stroller!  And not having brought a car seat along, this new momma wouldn’t put my 15 month old in a taxi without one.  So, we walked a mile to the nearest Target to purchase an umbrella stroller.  Whew!  After that we enjoyed all the Seattle highlights including Pike Place Market and Seattle Aquarium which were both as unique as I had imagined.  We also patronized Cherry Street Coffee House with comical looks from the other customers.  With Cory, we enjoyed Bea’s first Ferris Wheel ride overlooking the harbor and Woodland Park Zoo.  What a neat zoo they have!  It’s segmented based on the continent of where each animal would live in the wild.

Our third trip was back to our former city of Chicago, IL.  Even Bea and I mixed business with pleasure this time as she had a doctor’s appointment.  Luckily, it was only a short part of our trip.  The highlights were getting to attend a good friend’s first birthday party, have a play date and hug a lot of friends’ necks!  We had moved away less than three months prior.  Bea and I hit the Shedd Aquarium as well as Bea experiencing her first taste of room service!

Just before our son was born in May 2014, we accompanied Cory to Dallas, TX where we hit the jackpot!  His family is from the northern suburbs of Dallas; so, while he worked, we played with family.  Bea loves playing with her older cousins as it makes her feel like the biggest girl!

In April 2015, Teddy (10 months old) took his first “Go With Daddy” trip to Franklin, TN.  Living in Birmingham now, it made it a no brainer for a road trip.  We stayed in the same hotel where Cory had his first key note speaking engagement.  The kiddos made an appearance at the conference which was super fun!

Who knew this beginning would lead to so many what fun adventures in our future!

Seattle Ferris WheelPike’s Place MarketWoodland Parks Zoo

Chicago Valentine’s datesChicago friendsTouring the aquarium was exhaustingFirst room service 

Cousins in Texas

Sporting the conference t-shirt in Tennessee

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