Daddy travels for work, so Momma and the kids go along for the adventure! Here is a little more about us:

Daddy = Cory

He is big, bearded, and happens to be a weird combination of extrovert and nerd.  The work that has Cory traveling is a career as an Engineer for Dell focused on AI, Big Data and The Internet of Things…for more insights on his work, visit BigDataBeard.   Cory has been a traveler from an early age with what some may call “ADD with places.”  

Momma = Millie

Millie is a beautiful, full-time Wife and Momma who keeps herself, her family, and home (wherever it may be) in proper order to maximize the fun of adventures.  Her penchant for international experiences are actually responsible for her meeting Cory and are the genesis of this wild adventure for our family.  

Kids = Bea and Teddy

Born into this adventure, though we think they’d chose it too!  Bea (6.5) is a seasoned traveler having visited eighteen countries so far and has features in two Southwest Airlines magazines.  Teddy (5) took his first steps on one of our Australian adventures and is the main reason why you will see so many zoos visited in our travels.