Howdy folks!

This is the story of a family where Daddy travels in his work, so Momma and the kiddos are going along for the adventures of a lifetime!

Our mission for this site is the following:

We seek to be a resource encouraging families to embrace travel together by simplifying the experience and growing closer as a result.

Let us unpack that a bit…we want to:

  1. Encouraging – we want to encourage families to embrace travel, domestic or international, as an adventure worth taking as a family through a chronicle of our travels as a family with two small kids.
  2. Simplifying – we have learned a lot traveling as a family and this will be our platform to share those lessons learned to simplify the experience.
  3. Growing – we want our family to grow closer through shared travel experiences and we hope this platform will allow us to learn more, grow closer, and be better versions of ourselves each new day.

We fully expect this process, our lives, and our opinions to grow and shift over time, but these core values we expect will probably persist wherever we go and however we evolve.

We invite you to follow us on this journey and take advantage of our experiences while you go have your own.  Please follow this site and check us out on our social media outlets:

Instagram – @GoWithDaddy

Here’s to it!

The Mintons