We made it Down Under!

Hello from Down Under!

We made it to Melbourne….with only a slight flight delay.  We had to stop in Brisbane (after 14 hours in the air) to refuel.  There was fog in Melbourne and we didn’t have enough fuel to circle in Melbourne.  So that added another hour on the ground and two hours in the air to our flight.  Thankfully, the kids were brilliant!  Let me interject that we also had to take sweet Teddy to the pediatrician while we were in Las Vegas due to wheezing.  So we got to bring a nebulizer and antibiotics on our trip and pray he did ok on the flight.  Thank goodness he did!  I believe he slept almost 13 of the 16 hours in the air and Bea wasn’t far behind him.  Teddy however did not like the bassinet that was attached to the wall in front of our seats so we proceeded to hold him the entire flight instead!  It was definitely a long day and half of travel but it was easier than we anticipated.

We’ve had a good time in our short time here so far.  First we got a rental car and Cory drove us to the hotel.  Obviously we’re driving on the other side of the road and car but things on the dash are also in different places….even in our Ford!  He put on the windshield wipers five times when trying to change lanes…each time followed by “oops, not again!”

Our hotel is right next to Melbourne’s Chinatown so we found a great dumplings restaurant last night where we got to watch the ladies making them.  They loved that Bea and Teddy wanted to watch and were waving!  Teddy loved them; Bea, not so much!

Today Cory had to go to work so the kids and I headed out for an adventure….after Teddy proceeded to eat the entire buffet in the Marriott club lounge.  He cried for every bite.  He’s definitely got his appetite back after not feeling well but I’m not sure the other patrons appreciated his zeal for food!  We went to Fitzroy Gardens to run around, see flowers and fountains and play on he playground, of course.  Then we had lunch before taking a detour to the Big W for diapers.  We found out last night that Target doesn’t carry Target brand or Pampers diapers.  What?  So we got Huggies….they’ve got the market cornered.  It’s based on weight in kgs so fingers crossed they work! Ha

We will try to send an email with fun pictures once or twice a week aside from Instagram.  We will be putting lots of pictures on Instagram so feel free to follow us if you don’t already.  Our Instagram names are:


Here are a few we didn’t post on Instagram.

Good night,
Millie, Cory, Bea and Teddy

Bea wanted to show our backpacks

Ready for a long plane ride!


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