NYC (Part 2) with Daddy

When Daddy gets to play too…

Cory had an early morning call so we met him for our tour but not without transportation comedy.  We got on (what I thought was right) the bus but it ended before our stop.  So we hailed a taxi! Seems like the story of my life.  Today we rode a ferry to the Statue of Liberty!  It was so windy and cold at the top outside, but really neat seeing a 360 degree view!  Next we took another ferry to Ellis Island.  Teddy pulled his toboggan over his eyes and said “no” before closing his eyes for a nap.  He missed all of Ellis Island!  It was incredible how much history was there!

It’s restaurant week here in NYC so we found a fun Italian restaurant to enjoy tonight..Chazz Palminteri Ristorante where we saw the actor/owner at the bar.  It was an amazingly, relaxed evening with delicious food!  Bea and Teddy were so well behaved.Thanks kiddos!

Most days, single room travel is ok, but other days start way too early because of it.  It was an early Saturday morning for us when Teddy waked up and talked Bea into unzipping his tent!  Oh well!  We had cartoon Saturday (morning) before bundling up for the day ahead.  Lots of layers are key today with coats, hats and gloves on top!  The reason….ice skating in Bryant Park!  The kids couldn’t be more excited, especially Bea!  We got skate aids to help them on the ice which Bea immediately took to; Teddy not so much.  Bea eventually wanted the aid gone and she did quite well for a first time skater!  Next of course was hot chocolate and beers at the Winter Village.  Bea also played ‘Guess Who’ for the first time.  Teddy had spotted the carousel earlier, while watching the zamboni clean the ice, so we rode it.  Why not, right?

Our last full day in the city took us to Time Square for brunch at Un Deux Trois before the theatre.  We were all so excited to see The Lion King!  When the opening number started, I had tears in my eyes.  I was so happy to show Teddy all these animals, both kiddos their first Broadway play and feel close to my daddy as he loved the theatre so very much!  It was amazing!  Bea sat completely still and wide eyed during the entire performance!  Teddy talked the whole way through about all the animals he got to see!  At the end, we asked everyone’s favorite part; here’s what we said:

Bea’s was little and big Nala; Teddy’s Simba; Cory’s Scar; mine Rafiki.  We patronized the delicious Indian restaurant Darbar again.  Somehow, it was even better (if that’s possible) for tonight’s supper!

It was an amazing trip!!  We are so very fortunate to travel with Cory!

Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island (Teddy is asleep under his hat!)

Ready to Ice Skate

Then Lollipop Time

We passed this same lion every day so we had to let Teddy take a picture with it.

The Lion King

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