Wildest Travel Days

On Saturday, January 20, we had the craziest travel day to date!  First, I forgot our vet closed at noon and Cory took the girls (aka our dog and cat) to be boarded at 12:15!  So he had to bring them back home as I scrambled to get our pet sitter to take care of them that evening, the next morning and drive them to the vet the next afternoon.  We should’ve known what might be coming after that (now small) fiasco.  We drove to Atlanta to ride the Amtrak.  (We drove as we were told that the train wasn’t running from Birmingham.)  We grabbed supper and changed the kiddos into pjs before heading to the station.  It was much smaller than I would’ve imagined.  When we arrived, we were told the train was 4 hours delayed because of tornadoes in Mississippi.  Oh mercy!  We get checked in and settled in.  Then we waited and waited and waited!  After further delays and much crankiness by all four of us (kids never closed their eyes), we asked about a refund.  They said yes; so, we took it and ran!  At this point it was past midnight so Cory got us a room by the airport.  However it didn’t end without another small issue….the kids’ suitcase broke on the way into the hotel!  After booking flights to Laguardia for the next day, we got to bed close to 1am.

Everyone slept in the next morning which was nice but we ended up with not enough time.  I got the kids ready while Cory drove to Walmart to buy a new suitcase.  Then after a hurried breakfast, I repacked their bag.  We left our car at the hotel and rode their shuttle to the airport, but we cut ourselves way close.  When we got to the airport, we had less than 45 minutes before our flight left!  Thanks to Cory’s status on Delta, some nice employers, TSA pre-check and the closest terminal possible, we made it on the plane.  Whew!  The kids were a dream on the flight (as usual).  However the craziness wasn’t quite over yet.  We decided to take the bus into the city since it was safer than riding in cabs with no car seats.  The unfortunate part is that what should’ve been a 25 minute ride turned over 2 hours on the bus!  The only good part is that sweet Teddy took a great nap while we rode!  Bless him!  We got checked in and headed straight to supper at Darbar (Indian cuisine that was amazing!)  We decided we had to take Bea and Teddy to see Time Square too so we walked over.  Bea was amazed at all the lights and screens!  It is so fun to see old things from their perspective!  What a treat!  We decided to keep the kids on CST so it made evenings less hectic plus you can sleep longer in a dark hotel room. 😉

….a little over a week later, we headed home.  Cory grabbed us breakfast downstairs while I packed us all up.  Then in search for a lovey we couldn’t find, Cory kinked his back!  We were supposed to take a bus back to the airport but Cory couldn’t move any
further.  We got an Uber instead.  We got all checked in and went to the Delta lounge.  Cory moved somehow and heard a click that he thinks was a rib going back in place.  Hallelujah!  It made the flight and drive home (since we’re coming back to Atlanta) much better!  It’s always bittersweet heading home!

Waiting on the Amtrak Train

On the Airplane instead 

Bus into the City

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